Wearing a mask stinks. Let's make it
better. enjoyable. an escape.

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Easy to Use

Simply spray 1-2 pumps on any mask, prior to wearing. Breath deep. Enjoy the fresh and clean scent.


100% pure, plant based ingredients. We use the highest grade essential oils on the market.

Made with Love

American made. Created in Austin, TX. Manufactured in St Petersburg, Florida.

escape to your happy place!

Meet the LaCroix of mask sprays

Our spray is not overwhelming … lightly scented, like your favorite soda water. The combination of peppermint & frankincense allow you to breath easy and escape somewhere tranquil.

natural / plant based
Leaves used per bottle
sprays in each bottle
100 %
unHappy Clients
Why it is important?

We're all doing our part. this involves wearing a mask.

We hand selected essential oils known to promote respiratory health. Both peppermint and frankincense add a natural boost to the defense your mask provides.

what you inhale matters

Peppermint meet Frankincense

With each breath, you’re inhaling more than just oxygen. Be intentional about what’s you’re breathing into your lungs. Learn about why these essential oils were selected and why¬† they’re safe to inhale.

We Love to hear how Aerify is refreshing the way you wear a mask

Meet our Customers

"A few sprays in the morning and wearing a mask turns into a spa day"
Dana Bailey
"Coffee breath in masks is bad. Like seriously bad. The Peppermint cuts right through it."
David Larsen
"I have a mask that I enjoy wearing ... but found that it started to stink after a few days. Few sprays of Aerify and it's like new."
John Wells

Grab one for Yourself. A friend. someone you love.